Wednesday, 11 January 2017 19:24

Special Ops Counter-Terrorism Training.

On 6-8 January our Military Training Center conducted the Special Reaction Team Course. Our students coming from Italy and Germany have completed a grueling three day course of instruction in the Special Operations counter-terrorism team tactics and techniques. The students executed tactics and techniques needed to approach, breach, enter, secure a building and rescue hostages in a tactical manner. Initial approach to building, breaching of doors and windows was shown and executed by students. Building domination - both dynamic and stealth - clearing of stairwells, hallways and rooms in teams of 2-12 men was demonstrated to and practiced by each student - multiple times. Use of ballistic shields, smoke, diversionary devices and other equipment was stressed. Short-range combat was emphasized. Tubolar Assaults was conducted on vehicles and bus. Live fire day focused on the military combat marksmanship. A major focus of our live fire range training was moving/shooting with a ballistic shield and rescue operations. The students excelled and all graduated with their SRT certification and pin.


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Special Reaction Team Course 2017