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Tuesday, 14 June 2022 00:00

Tactical Medical Course.

On 14-15 June our Military Training Center have conduct in Naples, Italy the Combat Medic Course. Students coming from Italy, Spain and Greece received an intensive special operations tactical combat casualty care training in reference to the military standards by highly qualified instructors - with years of verifiable real-world experience - coming from the NATO countries’ Armed Forces. They acquired combat medical casualty care capabilities, skills and knowledge required to treat and stabilize injuries related to combat. To include, but not limited to, blast injury, amputation, severe bleeding, penetrating chest injuries and tension pneumothorax management, simple airway management, and medical evacuation techniques. Basic theory and practice was taught so as to allow the students to understand and execute the tactics and techniques needed to move, to treat and recover the wounded team mates while under fire. They learned the latest innovative, tested, and proven tactics for moving to the wounded, assessing and treating them and then moving your comrades to safety - while fighting your way both in and out - from instructors currently applying thes skills in hostile areas around the world. Equipment selection, team tactical movement, combat trauma management, down team rescue, medical care under fire, controlling bleeding, injured extraction and casualty evacuations under stress was emphasized. The training was performed under realistic combat conditions with full equipment. The students excelled and all graduated with their Combat Medic certification and pin.


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