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Airborne School 21

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Airborne School Director



Giulio Festa is the Director of the European Paratroopers Association Airborne School, as well as the Commander of the Operational Detachment. He is responsible for conducting and coordinating all the military parachuting training held at the School. He is currently serving as an Officer holding the rank of First Lieutenant at a Reserve Unit of the Italian Armed Forces, as well as the honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Legion of Frontiersmen Volunteer Reserve (LFVR). Festa has over 25 years of both active duty and reserve career with the Italian Armed Forces and he had the privilege and honour to serve with the 187th Parachute Regiment, "Folgore" Airborne Brigade, one of the most prestigious and combat-experienced units in the Italian Army, as well as with other infantry and cavalry elite units of the Army. As an Italian Army NCO he has served as an Operational Paratrooper, Cavalry Scout, Squad Commander and Drill Instructor. He then worked his way up from being a NCO to an Officer in his nation's Armed Forces reaching the rank of First Lieutenant. In this position, he has mostly served as a Training Officer.

Festa's background as a military instructor spans more than two decades. Being both an accomplished Airborne and Combat Instructor with years of experience, he has conducted airborne and special operations training course in Italy but also with multiple foriegn countries, and has been training several military and police units of different nations in various theaters around the world ranging from the Est Europe and North Africa to the Middle East and Southeast Asia. He has served with the Italian Army Recruit Training Center, the unit dedicated to train infantrymen for service in the Army, and as Training Officer he was assigned at the Combat Training Program (Overseas Deployment) for ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) mission in Afghanistan, as well as he was responsible for coordination, development, and implementation of training plans for the Military Units deployed in Afghanistan for the NATO-led security mission.

As part of his lengthy military background he has received specialized training to include, but not limited to, Airborne, Combat Marksmanship, Close Quarter Battle, Urban Warfare, Counter-terrorism, Personal Security Detail, Combat Medic and multiple special operations training courses, and participated in training operations and exercises with airborne and special forces units of the NATO and friend countries such as, the Special Operation Command Europe (SOCEUR) and Special Operations Command Africa (SOCAFRICA), the Echo Company 51st INF (LRS)(ABN), the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team "Sky Soldiers", the Joint Multinational Readiness Center (JMRC) of the US Army, the military police Feldjägerbataillon 750, the airborne units Luftlandebrigade 26 "Saarland" and Luftlandebrigade 31 “Oldenburg“ of the German Army Special Operations Division, the Para-Commando Brigade of the Belgian Armed Forces, the Rapid Reaction Brigade (Brigada de Reacção Rápida) of the Portuguese Army, the Counter-Terrorist (Spetsnaz) Unit “Omega” of the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior and more. Festa has earned different national and foreign medals, airborne wings and military qualification badges. Among his many awards and decorations are the Afghanistan Medal, the Homeland Security Medal (2 Bronze Stars), the NATO Non-Article 5 (ISAF) Medal, the US Army Achievement Medal, the Austrian BKFR Honor Cross (Gold), the Italian Military Parachutist Badge, the US Army Master Parachutist Badge, the German Military Parachutist Badge (Gold), the Belgian Military Parachutist (A) Badge, the Portuguese Military Parachutist Badge, and numerous other military awards and decorations.


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Any serving or retired paratrooper (airborne and special force military personnel), serving or retired members of the Armed Forces, as well as any other serving or retired uniformed service personnel and members of veterans organizations can become members of the European Paratroopers Association and take part in our airborne training courses and parachute jump exercises. Join Us today and train with the absolute best airborne training organization available on the European Continent! Information on the application process of the European Paratroopers Association can be found on the membership page.